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Morningside Residence

This projects adds a garden pavilion to an existing Queenslander.  The existing 1920s house is a beautiful house, but highset and divorced from the garden.

The family have 3 young children, and a desire to make the most of the opportunities the QLD climate offers.  The Queenslander is kept as a retreat – protected and familiar, it contains the bedrooms and a TV and craft room.

In contrast, the garden pavilion locates kitchen, dining room and Living areas down on the Southern edge of the garden, opening up to the North.  Connected by a covered, but open deck and link, it encourages breezes through the site and allows the family to feel like they are within the garden domain.

The pavilion is constructed from Painted LVL’s with insulated sandwich panel as cladding, the joints covered by the timber.  Pre-finished and highly insulated, this is an economic and efficient way to build.  The floor and joinery/seating is spotted Gum, oiled and running through to the decks.  A datum of rich and hard-wearing material that ‘Grounds’ the spaces.

The steel screens provide security and protection whilst allowing light and ventilation through.

Completion:  2017
Contractor:  A. H. Done Builders
Project Team:  Kieron Gait, Leah Gallagher
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones
Instagram:  #morningsideresidence