Morningside Residence – Kieron Gait Architects
Kieron Gait Architects Morningside Residence
Kieron Gait Architects, Morningside Residence
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Morningside Residence

Stage 1 of the renovation to a 1920’s Quenslander minimally altered the floor plan of the house to accomodate bedrooms and 2 new bathrooms for the family and prepare for Stage 2 – a pavilion garden extension.

Design was occuring as a builder was on site. The design process became one of discovery and reaction to what was revealed by the builder. As layers were striped from the walls, it became clear that the structure, volumes and detail of the house itself were the hero. Everything we would add would be a delicate insertion into the existing structure. Rot and termite damage to the bottom of the VJ’s in the bathroom became an opportunity to reveal the underlying structure. Rather than repair and patch, we removed the damaged timber completely and left the hardwod studs exposed.

The vanity – a cut and folded stainless steel plate fixes to the exposed studs, adding a layer to the existing fabric. Layers of existing paint are exposed in part, telling the story of what has come before. An ensuite is inserted into the old entrance with its original ornate detailing and cornicing. A similar aproach of a clear and minimal insertion into the existing is taken.

Details are minimal, but carefully and deliberately constructed in a manner that is respectful of the original craft.

Completion:  Stage 1 – 2013. Stage 2 –  under construction.
Contractor:  L J Home Builders Pty Ltd
Project Team:  Kieron Gait, Leah Gallagher
Photographer:  Christopher Frederick Jones